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Boston Residential Real Estate Lawyer

Residential Real Estate Counsel by MacCormack Law of Boston, MA

Residential Transactions

We have handled thousands of residential closing and title examinations in Massachusetts for banks, mortgage lenders and brokers, and individuals. 

Services we provide include:

Seller Services

  • Review real estate broker agreements and offer to purchase
  • Negotiate and prepare the purchase and sale agreement
  • Resolve issues which may arise during the pendency of the sale.
  • Resolve any title issues that come up in the examination of a property’s title.
  • Prepare the deed and any other necessary document for recording at the Registry of Deeds
  • Review all closing documents and explain their meaning to you
  • Representation at the closing

Buyer Services

  • Negotiate and prepare the offer to purchase and purchase and sale agreement
  • Handle issues that may arise before closing
  • Review all closing and loan documents
  • Represent you at the closing
  • Preparation of Declaration of Homestead
  • Retitle property into the name of your trust, if applicable