Boston Probate Lawyer

Probate of Estates Protection provided by MacCormack Law of Boston, Ma

We provide many probate and trust administration services. We guide executors and trustees through the process of administering property in estates and trusts. A typical engagement begins with one of our attorneys meeting with the executor to discuss the process.

The first step would be to determine what property is in the estate. This might include probate property, which is property titled solely in the deceased person's name. Probate property will pass under the terms of the will and through the probate court process. The estate may also include non probate property, such as jointly held property, trusts that were funded prior to death, life insurance, and retirement accounts. Non-probate property does not pass under the will. Jointly held property will pass to the surviving owner. Property that was transferred to a trust would be managed by the trustee in accordance with terms of the trust. Retirement accounts would pass to the named beneficiary.

We will explain how the estate planning documents work. We advise trustees of their fiduciary obligations, trust distributions to beneficiaries, and tax payment responsibilities. We will assist with the valuation of assets, tax elections, estate and income tax issues, payment of expenses, handling of creditor claims, and funding of trusts.

As part of the engagement we will draft the necessary court documents to have the executor appointed to represent the estate. We will also file the inventory, court required accountings, and prepare the individual, estate, and fiduciary income tax returns.